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Reasons to love carpet

As the only available soft surface floor covering, it’s not surprising that carpet has some characteristics that are entirely all its own. From the lush underfoot feel to the amazing benefits only this material can offer, you’ll find yourself falling in love with all the things only this floor covering has to offer. It’s flooring that meets a wider variety of needs and preferences than ever before, so be sure to compare what you need with what you get. They could be a perfect match.

ProSPEC Contract offers an excellent variety of flooring materials and products, as well as all the services it takes to complete the perfect flooring experience. Serving the entirety of the Hawaiian Islands, we are based out of our Honolulu, HI showroom. We invite you to visit us there where one of our qualified flooring specialists will be happy to assist you in finding exactly what you need for your floors. We appreciate the opportunity to help you.

Carpet benefits you'll love

Of course, the first thing people think about when considering carpet for their homes is the fact that it’s extremely soft and comfortable underfoot. This is a feature that affords many other benefits as well. For instance, you’ll notice much more noise resistance for a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, especially with children, pets, or frequent visitors in your home. It also creates an excellent and safe play area for toddlers, even helping to prevent falls, or keep them from being injurious if they do happen.

Another benefit you’ll greatly enjoy is the built-in stain protection that some manufacturers are offering. This protection is built right into the carpet fibers themselves so that stains can no longer soak in and become permanent. What’s more, repeated shampooing will never cause the protection to wear off. You’ll be protected much longer, and will never have to reapply that security.

Allergy sufferers can enjoy the benefits of carpet as well. In years past, this flooring was often a common way to keep allergens floating around in the air. However, with the recent addition of hypoallergenic fibers, it’s actually become a benefit to the homeowner who has allergies. The flooring now traps and holds such allergens as dander, pollen, dust, and more, so you’ll breathe easier with this flooring in place.

Be sure to ask your flooring rep about the necessity of professional installation of carpet.