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The intricacies of natural cork flooring

Some homeowners believe that cork flooring is a new flooring product just starting to show up in the latest trends. The truth is, however, that this floor material has been used in flooring since the late 1800s with great success. Now, it’s starting to get the publicity it has deserved and more homeowners are beginning to see the benefits available to them by choosing this material for their own floors. In fact, you won’t regret finding out more for yourself, how it can be put to good use in your own home.

ProSPEC Contract offers a great variety of floor coverings and the services that bring them together for an excellent flooring experience for you. From our Honolulu, HI showroom, we primarily serve the Hawaiian Islands, but we’re proud to represent a variety of areas and customers from virtually anywhere. Come find out how we can help you find the perfect flooring material and then install it to perfection. What’s more, we’ll be readily available for aftercare such as repairs, cleaning, and any questions that you might have long after installation is done.

What to expect from cork flooring

A benefit that is often sought-after, and can be found in cork flooring, is the cushiony surface that has a soft, springy feel as you walk across it. For this reason, it’s an excellent choice for placement in rooms where homeowners often stand for long periods of time. The kitchen is an example of this kind of placement, as meal preparation and other activities in this room can warrant that need.

That soft, cushioning characteristic is also beneficial in cases of a fall, which makes it much safer for both children and older residents in your home. On the other hand, that very same feature also makes it a great insulation against noise transmission. Since cork is made up of various chambers, which are filled with air, you’ll find this peacefulness also comes in handy between floors as well, especially if your children have bedrooms upstairs.

In addition to being able to repel allergens and small bits of debris, cork can also be refinished, just like hardwood flooring. During the refinishing process, the layers that contain damage are sanded away, and the new finish that’s left looks just like brand new again.

Finally, this is a great flooring for the eco-friendly homeowner. It’s 100% natural, completely replenishable, and totally biodegradable.