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Why you should consider glass tile

Glass tile is an excellent product that can be used in a variety of different approaches, including floor covering. You’ll find them to be amazing in appearance, functionality, and durability as well as a great asset to just about any space you’d like to have them installed. With a wonderful lifespan, you can expect to enjoy the result of your choice for a long time. Be sure to get a reasonable assessment of all your specific needs and requirements and match that against this material to see if it might be the perfect fit.

ProSPEC Contract is proud to serve the Hawaiian Islands from our Honolulu, HI showroom location. There, we have an excellent assortment of flooring materials and related products, as well as services rendered by experienced professionals. Everyone who works with us is dedicated to your complete satisfaction and will work to make sure all your needs are met before you ever leave our showroom. Be sure to come by at your convenience and allow us to match you with the material best suited for your exact needs. We look forward to serving you.

Glass tile benefits and facts

Glass tile is an excellent choice for anyone looking for water and stain resistance. Even when dampness is ongoing, you’ll never find mold or mildew to ever be a problem. It’s also excellent protection against stains, and they clean up very easily with just a little work. While they are prone to scratching, your flooring professionals can help decide the best uses and placement for these materials, so that that doesn’t become a problem over time.

In addition to being an excellent addition to your bath and shower areas, the grout used to hold them together can even be fashioned so as to provide traction and slip resistance inside the shower. If you’re concerned with the smudging, smearing, and water spots that can sometimes be an issue, just be sure to keep some window cleaner nearby. This excellent cleaning choice can make your glass tile shine like brand new.

Another great way to use glass tile is as accent pieces and backsplashes. In kitchens and bathrooms alike, these additions can completely change the look of your space. What was once drab or lack-luster can be enhanced, creating a completely remodeled look. Choose from a variety of finishes and elements that can bend to your own individuality in decorating, and you’ll love the finished project.