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What you can look forward to in ceramic & porcelain

There is a certain air of elegance that ceramic & porcelain bring into a space that is almost beyond words. These materials offer sophistication and amazing performance, even under some of the heaviest traffic and activity levels. For this reason, it’s often used in commercial settings where only the highest functionality is expected, and you can have that for your home as well. Additionally, the life span is well worth the effort in researching this material, as it almost pays for itself in that time frame.

At ProSPEC Contract, we serve the Hawaiian Islands with a great selection of flooring, materials, and services. We have a showroom located in Honolulu, HI, and we hope you’ll stop by for a visit at your convenience. There, you’ll be greeted by an experienced flooring specialist who will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Then, you will be matched with the perfect floor covering, as well as the services it takes to make them a reality in your own home.

Ceramic & porcelain benefits you'll love

There are plenty of looks to choose from in ceramic & porcelain. From a very simple and neutral color scheme that matches just about every decor type, to bright stunning colors that can be used to create excellent mosaics or any other pattern. At the same time, you can settle on something in between, for the perfect comparison for your unique decor.

Another thing that these materials are known for is their water resistance. It’s one of the reasons it’s so often used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and foyers with great success. The truth is, however, that those same properties are just as beneficial for every area of your home. Since spills and accidents can occur anywhere, at any time, that kind of protection is never a bad idea.

This flooring line is also very hypoallergenic and does not provide crevices or cracks in which allergens can hide to later become a problem. You won’t have to worry about the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria, so it creates a much healthier space and even improves the air quality.

Be sure to speak with your flooring specialist about the importance of a professional installation with ceramic & porcelain flooring. Professionals have all the necessary tools and experience to make this installation a success that will last for years to come.